Mystique Creation - Makeup by Me - Photography by Sam Gold. Model : Mimi Kitchens


AbouT ME

What can I say ... I love ART !  I am a visionary , a creative spirit that finds beauty in every corner possibly made on Earth. From Makeup Artistry to Photography to Visual Art Videos I have a strong desire to become one of the best in the world..

Speaking Things into Existence  I work !  I think it , visualize it , plan it and execute.. 

I don't believe in the words "I Cant " because I truly believe that we all have the ability to do everything and anything we want to do . I believe in the 'I Will because the willingness to do something is stronger than anything. 

Lets create art, memories, a portrait for you to look back on and say "wow look at us"! Let me create memories to last you a lifetime. 

Maddy The Artist